“The Portal was created with the intent of sharing the work that is done in Portugal or by Portuguese creators in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. If you are looking for exciting new books, songs, games, or any other media – you’ve come to the right place.

The Portuguese fans gathered a multidisciplinary team with a broad range of interests and fields of expertise and we hope to bring you the best of Science Fiction and Fantasy from Portugal, either old or new.

Portugal may be a tiny country – but its SF & Fantasy scene is thriving in several fields, so hopefully you stick around and enjoy some of the hidden gems this country has to offer in terms of speculative fiction.”

Staff: Cristina Alves, Carlos Silva, Adriano Ferreira, Ana Teresa Mota, António Monteiro, Artur Coelho, Bruno Martins Soares, Luís Filipe Silva, Marco Lopes, Mariana Ramos, Marco Fraga Silva, Patrícia Carreira, Pedro Cipriano, Pedro Pimenta, Renato Colaço, Rogério Ribeiro, Tiago Cruz, Tomás Agostinho.

The majority of the big Portuguese publishing houses do not publish Portuguese writers. Unless they already are celebrities. They prefer to translate and publish known writers from other countries. Given this scenario, nowadays almost every Portuguese fantasy or science fiction writer is published through indie presses such as Editorial Divergência or Imaginauta.”