80 science fiction stories around the world

An interesting and commendable initiative comes from Germany. It is about Erik Schreiber who is looking for 80 science fiction stories from 80 countries.

Erik Schreiber, as recommended himself, is a “fan, author and publisher of science fiction and more”. His publishing house – Saphir im Stahl – will publish an anthology of science fiction, which will contain 80 science fiction stories from 80 countries. The stories should be 4 pages long (that means about 8000 characters with spaces). The title will probably be “80 science fiction story around the world”, like in “80 days around the world”.

More details could be found on publishing house website (in German) or could be asked at info@saphir-im-stahl.de.

So, writers from all over the world, this is your opportunity to be published in Germany, a country with millions of readers. Science fiction readers, of course.

Good luck to all writers interestead in, good luck to you, Erik Schreiber.

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  1. thank you for posting and the first author send me his story.

  2. What an interesting project!

  3. I look forward to reading these! This sounds like a very good project, the view of sci-fi from other cultures. Will you offer these as a collection in book form or available to read here?

  4. I am not the anthologist, but I know that he has got a publishing house, so it will certainly be a book. I also think that it will be in German language.

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